Look unto me in every thought Doubt not Fear not D&C 6:36

Monday, November 16, 2015

11/16/2015 - I got to shake elder Ballard's hand‏

Hey mom, your emails are a lot longer and more informative than dads,
this week was really fantastic, Sunday was such an amazing day! I'm
getting to know how the city is laid out, I'm also enjoying the little
hill like mountain things, it should be fun here for the winter. The
last time I saw Zeifi was my last full day in Heide, he's breaking up
with his girlfriend because she's too controlling and stuff, she also
was not helping at all with residency so that shouldn't de a worry. I
can't really have contact with him, I'm not allowed to call and he
cannot read or write, but I hope everything is going well for him. 

Monday was a pretty lame p day, we stayed in for most of it, we had a
guy bring us new bikes a new bed and a rug and yeah, I've never been
in an apartment that actually gets new stuff so that part was kinda
cool. Then we did emails and after that we had a lesson with Remon,
he's an art dealer and likes English, and his grandfather was a Mormon
( he thinks) it was a really cool lesson! Then we came home and that
was the day. 

 Tuesday, today was a pretty good day. First we went to go finding in a
town a little ways away from Bautzen, our bus was late coming, and
then the driver was being supervised so he went way slow, we ended up
being about 45 minutes late getting to the town, so our hour of time
was basically over and we had to get on a bus back to go get our hair
cut. After haircuts we went to an appointment but the lady wasn't
home. After this we had another appointment with Frau Dahmler, we
asked if she would be baptized, she said that she will pray about it,
but seems to really like the idea. 

 Wednesday. Today started out with district meeting in Görlitz, it's a
little bit weird to only have four of us in the district. But it makes
it a little easier to end early. Then we went and ate with the other
elders, Elder Kräftner loves to cook so he makes us food. Then we went
to Bischofswerda had comp study then went to a few contacts. Then we
went to a lesson with a man and it was so awesome, he's a very smart
guy and has studied quite a bit of philosophy. It was nice to just be
able to talk with someone who has put thought into religion, I haven't
really had many of those conversations. 

 Thursday was a pretty busy day. First we went to the auslanderamt to
work on getting my residency permit extended, so I spent a few hours
there trying to figure out German legal terminology, my comp waited
outside and read revelations, I'm not sure who was more confused. Then
we came home and had lunch then went to a lesson with our new convert.
That was good she just wanted to get to know me more, I think most
people think I don't have a mother because I can't show a picture of
her, but they know I have brothers, a silly looking dad, but no
mother. Then we went to another lesson this time with a less active,
he was drunk and didn't want to meet with us so we went home had
dinner and that was basically the whole day. 

 Friday! So today we got a text at 8 about a conference call at 9:30.
It said " don't be late we have an exciting announcement" so we called
in and after all the problems of a mission wide phone call were
figured out we got an exciting announcement. Elder Kearon of the
seventy, and member of the area presidency is coming on Sunday and
wanted to meet with some missionaries, but President Fingerle wants
all the missionaries to go, because he will have Elder Ballard with
him. So we were told to start preparing for a mission conference in
Berlin in two days. Aside from that, the rest of the day was pretty
boring, we just rode buses and walked and then did our weekly
planning. At the end of the day we went got the plans and bought our
ticket to Berlin and back. That took all my money, and then we went to
the apartment and did a little more planning, had dinner, and went to

 Saturday. We tried to go places but busses were stupid, so we printed
the Book of Mormon for our new convert, she needs it in bigger print
so we have to print it and then she puts it in a binder. Then we went
to a little dorf and did some work then spent an hour walking to a
train station because our bus never came. Then we went home and got
ready to go to Berlin.

 Sunday was such an amazing fantastic awesome day. So first we went to
church and that was a pretty normal thing. Then we went and got on a
train, and went to Berlin. That was not fun at all. We got on the
train and there were no seats left, so we stood in the doorway for the
whole two hours, then we got to Berlin and went to the church there.
That was a ton of fun because I got to see all my mission friends, and
it was so many more people than it was in April. Then we went and sat
down, got some instructions then we went and got to shake Elder
Ballard's hand. Then we went and had the meeting. It was a really good
meeting, there were two members of the seventy there and elder
Ballard. It was a really good meeting. We talked a lot about how we
need to be better teachers, how there's a lot of things competing for
people's attention,( but we still don't get Facebook) and that we need
to be interesting. Then after the meeting we went to some elders'
apartment and stayed the night in Berlin.